Online courses are targeted for food & natural health products or pharmaceutical excipients developers working in food industries, pharmaceutical industries, natural health products manufacturers, functional food services industries including the restaurant & hospitality sectors. This course provides a deep understanding on flavourings and related functional ingredients. It helps to understand how flavourings and other functional foods ingredients are being developed and offered to the market. It also helps to understand a complete picture of incidentals ingredients that is being offered and passing into food as key food ingredients.

We offer following master flavorist training courses online:
1. Back to Basic: Understanding Flavours – $175 (Starter Package)
2. Basic about Flavours Creation – $275 (Junior Level, Must Take #1)
3. Flavorist Creation Skills – $575 (Intermediate Leve, must take #2)
4. Master Flavorist Creation Skills – $775 (Advance Level, Must Take #3)

After successful completion of this course, the participants are expected to be highly creative and will be capable to develop their own flavourings and seasoning for their product development. It will also help them to understand food functional or micro-ingredients functionalities into the creation. Finally, it will be helpful to eliminate a dependency to the flavorist of third party that is supplying flavouring ingredients with proprietary formulation. It will enhance business certainty while adding inhouse capability for innovative creativities.